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      Tips on taking a fantastic dance wear  photograph 


      • Always try and use natural light. 

        •  Overhead artificial light is not flattering and also changes the colours of the dancewear.  For us to feature your photographs they need to look accurate to the colours that we sell.
        • Stand near a window if you can't go outside - it creates a really lovely diffused light.
        • Remember where your light is - facing the light is really pretty - but try not to squint - having the light behind the dancer can create some really pretty effects - but be careful not to make your subject too dark. 


      • Think about your background

        • Try wherever possible to remove any clutter from your background - laundry hanging on a radiator is not a good look lol.
        • If possible stand in front of a solid colour wall - or something which is not too distracting
        • As we don't all have the skills or lens that can blur the background out - a little trick is to try and stand as far away from your background as you can - it will naturally blur a little then.  Or use an app to blur out a distracting background - a good one is Focos (its free).  But don't over do it.


      • NO FILTERS!

        • I know we all love a filter - but most of the ones provided free on apps effect the natural colour of the dancewear - so we just can't use it on our instagram feed.  Check below and you will see what I mean.  See if you can work out which one has a filter on it - and which one is more accurate for the leotard.



      • And finally - the pose

        • Leap photos are fabulous and we all love them (and if you do have your heart set on capturing a leap - be prepared to do it over and over again  - its hard to get it right first time).  However we love simple shots that show our dancewear off really well - with a close up of details - see the photo below.
        • Also think about your angle - taking a photo looking down at your dancer will make their legs look shorter - try and get just below them if possible.
        • Remember to stretch those feet and tense those muscles - just as if you were dancing - if you aren't a little bit tired after a dance photo shoot - you haven't worked hard enough lol!




      Happy snapping - we can't wait to see your photographs and feature them on our social media pages